The Hills Shire Music School runs great Preschool and Junior Music Programs. It is a great way to get introduced to music at an early age which creates the foundation for all future music development. Hills Shire Music is a firm believer that starting music at the earliest possible age will not only ensure thorough musical development but also will develop the mind for a strong academic future. It has proven many times over throughout the world that music and academic education go hand in hand.

Fun filled and exciting educational music programs for preschool age children. The program is built around the preschool curriculum and is based on world recognised Kodaly and Orff educational methods. It is a hands on music making experience designed to develop children’s confidence, motor skills, vocalisation and speech, emotional expression and social skills whilst instilling a love of music and developing knowledge of the basics of music.

Preschool Class size is only 5 students. Cost per half hour lesson is $12.00. Trial lesson is FREE.

Junior Music Program is only 3 students. Cost per half hour lesson is $18.00. Trial lesson is $10.00.



Preschool – 10.30am and 11.00am (please enquire about availability)

Other weekdays tbc. Please enquire.

Term 2, Saturdays


8.30am – Junior Music Program (full)

9.00am - Preschool Music Class (1 x place available)

9.30am – Junior Music Program (full)

10.00am – Junior Music Program (full)

10.30am – Private lesson (full)

11.00am – Private lesson (full)

11.30am – Junior Music Program (full)

12.00pm – Junior Music Program (1 x place available)

12.30pm – Group Piano (1 x place available)

1.00pm – BREAK

1.30pm - Group Piano (1 x place available)

2.00pm – Junior Music Program (1 x place available)

2.30pm – Private lesson (full)

3.00pm – Preschool Music Class (1 x place available)

3.30pm – Junior Music Program (full)

4.00pm – Preschool Music Class (2 x places available)

4.30pm – Junior Music Program (3 x places available) New group!

Term 2, Saturdays

8.30am - Private lesson (full)

9.00am – Group Piano lessons (1 x place available)

9.30am - Group Piano lessons (1 x place available)

10.00am - Group Piano lessons (1 x place available) New group!

10.30am - Private lesson (full)

11.00am - Private lesson (full)

11.30am - Private lesson (full)

12.00pm - BREAK

12.30pm - Group Piano lessons (full)

1.00pm - Group Piano lessons (full)

1.30pm - Private lesson (full)

2.00pm - Private lesson (full)

2.30pm – Shared Piano lesson (Full)

3.00pm –  Group Piano lessons (1 x place available)

3.30pm - Private lesson (full)

4.00pm - Private lesson (full)

4.30pm - Shared Piano lesson (Full)

5.00pm – Available

5.30pm – Available


More days and times will soon be available due to demand. Please call to enquire.

Preschool first lesson is FREE.  Junior Music first lesson is $10.00.

See our contacts page for enquiries.