There are a number of performance opportunities we offer our students at Hills Shire Music. We showcase our students progress and the songs they have been learning throughout the year. They perform in a number of different ways including solo, group and band performances. Our teachers are there to help guide them and provide support as for many students it is their first time performing in front of an audience especially for our beginner students. We have many performances every year at our concert and the students gain confidence and improve every time they perform.

Other performance opportunities throughout the year include our 2 Open Mic events for our every increasing singing students. These are held at the end of term 2 and term 4 that allows our students to showcase their progress to date.

Other showcases have included Australia Day, Crestwood Fair, Kenthurst Christmas Carols and The Hills Christmas Lights Summer Series Spectacular amongst other events. Our concerts are not compulsory or necessary to enrol at our school but they do offer performance opportunities which is a great way to develop confidence and performance skills. This helps them develop their music learning skills and helps prepare students for exams as they are required to perform in front of the examiners.


1. Winds, Strings and Keys – approx week 9 in term 3.

Confirmed Sunday 22/09/19, 6pm-8pm

This is for our flute, clarinet, violin and piano students who have started learning with us and are keen to play their prepared music pieces in front of family, friends and other similar level students at a small to medium sized venue. Also a great opportunity for our advanced and exam students to showcase their talents.

2. Keys, Strings, Vocals and Bands – approx week 7 in term 4.

Confirmed Sunday 01/12/19, 4pm-7pm

This concert is for our guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, singing and rock band students who have progressed to a performance level. We also organise duets, trios and small groups depending on the student levels and teacher recommendations. It is a great concert with lots of fun and a great performance opportunity. For all students including our singing students who are chosen to perform in the bands.

All our performers at all our concerts receive a Certificate Of Performance which is very well deserved.