Brian – Piano, Theory

Brian is a classically trained pianist and has been playing piano for 14 years, currently pursuing AMusA (Diploma in Piano Performance). He possesses excellent performance and pianistic skills evident through his musical achievements. He received 92/100 in Music 2 HSC, with 100/100 for piano performance. His HSC piano performance was also nominated for HSC ENCORE, a program showcasing the most outstanding performances and compositions across the state. Brian also achieved his Grade 8 AMEB qualification and Grade 4 Theory. 

Brian has experience teaching from beginner to advanced students and can incorporate different teaching methods for all students. This will gaurantee that the learning process is suitable for all ages and levels and a success for future progress. It also ensures that the student is able to build confidence with their performance skills and achieve their true potential. 

As a teacher, Brian’s vision is to ensure that his students not only enjoy piano playing, but develop a real passion and appreciation for music that is all around us.

Anna – Piano, Theory

Anna has 15 years experience playing and teaching the piano. She has achieved AMEB Grade 8 and HSC Music 2. Anna has 12 years of training in classical piano and music theory. She now focuses her personal practice mainly on the romantic era style.

Anna uses her experience in music education to help students reach their goals. She stands by encouraging and developing each student’s unique talents and interests, by approaching lessons with empathy, understanding and patience.

Danielle – Violin, Theory

Danielle is a professional violinist with over 10 years of experience in violin performance, complemented by her distinguished achievements, including obtaining AMEB Certificate of Performance and AMEB Grade 4 Musicianship. Her expertise extends beyond outstanding technical skills, as evidenced by achieving a Band 6 in Music 2. In her role as a violin teacher, Danielle demonstrates commitment to her students’ development, exuding compassion and patience in each lesson. She tailors her lesson plans to each individual, bringing engagement and active learning while maintaining a focus on teaching the correct violin technical skills.

Under Danielle’s guidance, students are empowered to reach their full potential, ensuring a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

Isabelle – Vocals, Performance

Isabelle is a lover of all things singing and performing, having done so for over 15 years in the Hills District and Sydney areas. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Performance), specialising in Musical Theatre at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and has trained under industry professionals in singing, acting and music theory. Isabelle has also completed her Grades 5, 6 and 8 AMEB Musical Theatre for Voice Examinations with High Distinctions and received a Band 6 in Music 1 for her Higher School Certificate Examinations. 

Her recent vocal credits include Soprano 2 in Daugherty’s “What’s That Spell?” in the Sydney Conservatorium’s New Music Ensemble, conducted by Sam Weller and Featured Ensemble in “The Voices of Robert McDougall, Daniel Belle and Silvie Palladino” (Neil Gooding Productions 2023). She has also been in lead and ensemble roles in musical theatre productions around Sydney since 2020.

Isabelle specialises in assisting students find their true sound through effective and simple practice suited to each individual and assisting with performance, audition and exam preparation, including music theory. 

Nino – Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar

Nino is a very experienced and professional guitar teacher with many years of teaching experience. His guitar skills and knowledge of theory have enabled him to develop his teaching skills with his students achieving great results. From beginners to advanced students including all levels of guitar playing and technique.

Nino is also an accomplished classical guitarist. His styles include pop, rock, blues, progressive metal, classical and contemporary guitar.

AMEB classical guitar exams to grade 4 and Rock School.

Nerine – Piano, Theory

Nerine started piano from a young age and quickly picked up the passion to embrace the piano and what it has to offer. In her younger years, she entered many piano competitions and eisteddfods, achieving great results that has built her standard as it is today.

Nerine has completed AMEB Piano Grade 8 with Honours and AMEB Piano Theory Grade 5 with Honours. She also went on to pass the AMEB AMusA Piano Exam. Her level of knowledge, technique and skill surpasses all expectations.

As a teacher, Nerine is eager to share the skills she has learnt over a decade to students and foster an enthusiasm towards music. She focuses on helping students both develop technical skills and personal interest in music and piano. A true professional in music.

Jacob – Drums

Jacob is an experienced drummer with many years of playing and performing. He started playing drums at the age of 10 and also has a wide range knowledge of percussion instruments originally starting with the djembe. Jacob has an extensive knowledge of drum theory and is able to teach drum notation thoroughly which is a plus students in school bands. Jacob is able to teach all kind or drum styles such as jazz, swing, shuffle and rock styles with a wide variety of rhythms. He can allocate which grade is suited to the student and will ensure that the students are trained to the best of their ability.

Jacob is able to perfect the drum technique from beginners to advanced students. This will allow students to perform in live bands as well as school bands teaching the band repertoire.

Nicky – Singing, Piano

Nicky has been trained in voice and piano for more than 10 years. She is a graduate of Newtown High School of the Performing Arts where she completed her AMEB Grade 6 piano exam and her Music 2 HSC Course. She also graduated from Brent Street Studio’s with a Diploma of Musical Theatre in 2022. Nicky was a part of the 2022 cast of 13 The Musical in Melbourne and has also performed with brands including Scoundrel Films, P&O Cruises and Jason Stevens Productions. She is currently studying her Bachelor of Music majoring in Musical Theatre at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Nicky specialises in selecting repertoire for her singers, combining acting and elements of music theory, technique and sight reading. She also is an accomplished pianist and teaches AMEB exam levels up to grade 4.

Micaela – Piano, Theory

Micaela has played piano and teaching for over 19 years and has advanced musicianship and performance skills. She has performed a range of high level pieces and is experienced with teaching AMEB practical and theory exams. Micaela takes a thorough approach to her teaching and emphasises the importance of developing excellent technical, performance, sight reading and aural skills, which allow her students to achieve their desired goals. Micaela’s AMEB students on average result with A (honours) grades.

Micaela has a passion for and can teach composition on request. She is well experienced working with children of all ages and abilities. Her training in ABA therapy has helped broaden her piano teaching skills as she can quickly and strategically identify specific areas of difficulty in the lesson, break down difficult tasks into small easy steps, whilst providing students with fun, motivating rewards for effort and concentration.

Micaela has the qualifications and experience of piano teaching that will gain the best results of every student.

Pamela – Piano, Theory

Pamela is an experienced piano teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. She customizes her lessons and pedagogies according to each individual’s specific strengths and needs with the aim to develop the student’s conceptual and analytical faculties as well as creativity.

Pamela conducts her lessons in a fun and interactive way to encourage active learning and participation. At the same time she ensures that she teaches the correct technical skills, discipline, posture and etiquette in the art of piano playing.

Through music, Pamela builds confidence, patience and a sense of empowerment and self esteem in her students and motivates and encourages them to encourage themselves to achieve their true potential and personal best.

Vy – Piano, Theory

Vy has been playing piano for the past 14 years and is a classically trained pianist. She has completed Grade 8 and Piano Theory Grade 5 AMEB. She is now completing her CMus Piano Exam.

Throughout her music career, Vy has expanded her musical interests and pursued the study of different instruments. She has experience performing as a soloist and band member; performing at all different kinds of events. She also enjoys to play all kinds of music alongside classical such as pop and jazz pieces.

Vy ensures that all her students are able to build a love for music. She supports her student’s musical passion and supports them to reach their full potential. Through her experience with teaching, she adapts to each student’s uniqueness and encourages them to pursue all aspects of musical talent such as discipline, technical skill, practical and theory components. 

Her overall goal as a music tutor, is to help develop a genuine love and passion for music and to reach goals on all levels including AMEB exams and performance for her students.

Shirene – Violin, Theory

Shirene is a passionate, caring violin teacher who began playing at the age of four. She began her Orchestral Experience in high school and worked her way up to Concertmaster, having the privilege to lead the Entire Orchestra.

Whilst at school many performances resulted in high marks and Shirene was consistently complimented for her unique character and flair. Her focus and effort resulted in her achieving a High Band 6 in Music 2 and a Perfect Score in Music Extension and was offered an Encore Nomination. 

After graduating, Shirene aimed to continue her growth in music, achieving her AMUSa with a challenging yet nuanced performance program in 2021.

Shirene aims to instill a sense of love and warmth for music in her students. She tailors her lessons toward individual interests and works to ensure that Musical Interpretation and Stylistic Elegance are achieved. 

Jason – Piano

Jason has attainted the AMEB Certificate of Performance (Cmus) in Classical Piano, along with AMEB Grade 4 Theory. He studied HSC Music 1 and has been playing the piano for more than 9 years. He also performed in many concerts playing both classical and contemporary music. When Jason teach’s he likes to develop a genuine appreciation for music and give the students the whole musical outlook of what he is teaching them.

Linda – Piano, Theory

Linda is an experienced, patient and versatile piano teacher who can cater her lessons to her student’s needs. She is classically trained, completing 8th grade piano AMEB and 4th grade theory. Linda is currently studying to complete her AMEB Certificate of Performance. She is also doing a Bachelors of Music degree as a Secondary Music Teacher.

Linda brings with her experience in teaching and performing piano at concerts both professionally and at her university on all levels, sharing the joys of music and education to her piano students at our music school.

Harrison – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums

Harrison is an experienced music educator and a multi instrumentalist with a passion for developing music talent in his students. With over a decade of experience mastering instruments such as bass, drums, guitar and ukulele, Harrison brings a rich understanding of various musical styles to his teaching approach. Harrison’s expertise extends beyond instrumental proficiency. His knowledge of music theory allows him to tailor lessons to each student’s learning style and aspirations.

Having achieved a band 6 in HSC Music Extension, Harrison possesses an understanding of musical concepts and their practical applications. Students will benefit from a comprehensive skill set and a practical experience that Harrison has developed over his music career.

Adelaide – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

With more than 16 years experience in the music industry, Adelaide is passionate about playing and teaching music, especially the guitar being her favourite. She also teaches the ukulele and bass guitar, further broadening her skills and abilities. As she has played in various rock and pop bands across Sydney, she has picked up the skills and knowledge of performance in the music industry, which is vital for any musician who aspires to performing live.

Whilst studying music, Adelaide developed a passion for teaching, specialising in a broad range of styles such as rock, classical, pop, metal, blues and country. She has experience teaching students of all ages and levels and differentiating the learning goals to suit the needs of the individual. Conducting her lessons in a fun and structured manner, she ensures each student is learning the correct technique, including theory and also music notation for their lessons.