Repairs & Service


All string instrument repairs and servicing are done on site at our music studio. Basic repairs such as restring, changing and fitting tuners, wiring and general repairs are done and quoted upon inspection. If an instrument is broken and needs mending we will outsource the work to one of our specialist recommended repairers. Listed here is our price guide.

1. Standard restring and service. For steel string, nylon string (classical) and standard electric guitars.

  • $45.00 –  Includes a brand new set of strings, fretboard and guitar clean and polish and guitar tuning.

2. Advanced restring and service. For steel string and electric guitars with locking tremelos.

  • $55.00 –  As above and also neck adjustment, action and intonation set ups.

Any extra requirements such as bridge and nut fitting adds $20.00 to any of the above services.


1. Standard restring and service.

  • $35.00 –  Includes a brand new set of strings, fretboard and ukulele clean and polish and ukulele tuning.

Bass Guitar

1. Electric bass 4 string

  • $75.00 –  Includes a brand new set of strings, fretboard and bass clean and polish and bass tuning.

2. Electric bass 5 string

  • $85.00 –  As above.

You can supply your own strings to any of the above items. Cost of service for standard restring:

Ukulele is $20.00

Guitar Acoustic and Electric is $30

Guitar Electric (advanced) restring is $40.00.

Brass and Woodwind

All service and repairs of brass and woodwind are done by our preferred specialist repairer. Call us for full details. You will find it hard to get a better repairer in Sydney as they are simply the best.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • They offer a more thorough job with unmatched attention to detail.
  • They use only the best materials like genuine double skin pads, natural cork and woven felt.
  • They offer satisfaction guaranteed, so you have absolute peace of mind your instrument is in good hands.