Lesson Information

Music lessons at Hills Shire Music are conducted with professional, experienced and highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic teachers. You receive the best possible tuition with great service and advice at the most competitive rates.

You can begin your lessons at any time during the year. You don’t have to wait until the next term to start.

Trial lessons are FREE during lockdown and will be online until we can return to face to face lessons.

There is no sign up fee to enrol. Generally during the standard school terms trial lessons are only $20.00 for private lessons and $15.00 for shared and group lessons.

Please note: Group lessons are not available at the moment due to Covid restrictions until we can return to the studio. Standard trial lesson fees will apply from then.

Private Lessons

All private lessons are one to one tuition with our professional music tutors. This is the most common and preferred method of lessons as students benefit the most from having individual tuition. This is available to students of all levels from beginners to advanced. Students advance and learn faster as the tuition is tailored for the student’s individual needs and styles. Their progress is more focused with greater results. AMEB exam students also receive private tuition.

Students who play in school bands benefit the most from this method of teaching as the lessons focus on the development of the student’s playing as well as the study of their band performance pieces for their schools. 

1. Duration: 30 mins (1/2 hr) $38.00


  • 30 min private music lesson
  • Free start up pack
  • No sign-up fees

      1 hr lessons (where available)

2. Duration: 20 mins $28.00

An option for students in kindergarten only when recommended by our school and teachers. This is a great way to start at an early age where the student benefits from a good solid 20 min lesson as proven by our school over many years of teaching. They then advance to 30 mins from year 1. This can be discussed with us at your trial lesson or by enquiry.


  • 20 min private music lesson
  • Free start up pack
  • No sign-up fees

Shared Lessons

A shared lesson consists of 2 students. Each student benefits as a private lesson but will often learn at the pace of the other student in the lesson. This is great for siblings, friends and family who wants to learn at a steady and consistant level. Also ideal for students who are in school bands who prefer to learn their pieces together with their friends in the band.

Benefits – Shared lesson. Fun learning. Suitable for friends, siblings and family members. We can also arrange the shared lessons with a similar age student when available. Cost effective and a great learning environment.

Note: Not all instruments offer shared lessons

Duration: 30 mins (1/2 hr) $25.00


  • 30 minute shared music lesson
  • Only 2 students per class
  • No sign up fees

Junior Music Program

Our Junior Music Program is a great way to get introduced to music at an early age which creates the foundation for all future music development. It is a fun filled and exciting educational music program. It is a hands on music making experience designed to develop children’s confidence, motor skills, vocalisation and speech, whilst learning the keyboards, ukulele and singing from structured workbooks and developing their knowledge of the basics of music. A great way to be prepared for future music lessons with advanced knowledge and experience gained through our Junior Music Program.

The Junior Music Program consists of only 2 students in a shared lesson so the students get the most out of their lessons. The program is offered to students in kindergarten only. It is advised to arrange a friend or family member to join you for the shared lesson. This way they get to have fun together with someone they know.

Please email or call us to register your interest.

Duration: 30 mins (1/2 hr) $25.00


  • 30 minute shared lesson
  • Only 2 students in a class
  • No sign up fees

Hills Online Music Education – HOME lessons

Hills Shire Music offer zoom online music lessons as part of their teaching curriculum so students of all ages, levels and locations can enjoy and learn music. The benefits of online lessons are endless and will ensure that you can log in on any device, laptop or PC and begin your lessons from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Also as part of their make up lesson policy, if you are running late to lessons you can save time in traffic by learning from home and if you are unwell after school you can stay at home and still have your same lesson with your same teacher without the need to reschedule. That’s the advantage of online music lessons and the service at Hills Shire Music.

Call or email us today to book in your day and time to get started. A great way to keep musically active any time of year!